- Rules -The BTL Ruleset

Why this exists: To establish a common set of rules and guidelines to avoid conflicts. We promote discussion and conversation in grey-area rulings.

Player Definitions and Responsibilities:

  • Council: The governing body consisting of the team captain or proxy from each team. Decisions will be made on a 2/3rds majority basis.
  • Team Captain: Scheduling, communicating with other team captains, ensuring team is on-time, dealing with substitutes. DON'T RELY ON YOUR CAPTAIN TO DO EVERYTHING.
  • Banner: Player that bans champions - Should know the pick/ban rules.
  • Player: one of five core members of a chartered team.
  • Substitute (Free Agent): Player that subs for a team.
  • Spectator: Non-playing viewer that does not affect the game outcome.
  • Note: Team names should not include anything racist/sexist/etc.

Pick/Ban Guidelines:

Use https://draftlol.dawe.gg/.

Follow tournament style pick/bans.

If a ban is unable to happen for a technical reason (e.g. client froze) then the draft is remade with the same pick/bans that previously occurred.

If a ban is unable to happen for a non-technical reason (e.g. banner cannot find champion to ban) then the following applies:

  • To not lose the pick/ban, the banning team member must immediately join the opposing team's Discord channel to explain reasoning AND give the intended pick/ban.
  • If the next champion is banned or pick, the ban is lost. No remakes.

In case of violation that results in a ban loss, first round bans will be taken in numerical order.

ProDraft will random pick and no-ban at zero seconds. No grace period on the site.

Trades must occur before the 20 second mark before load-in. If this is violated, we will force players to play with the champions they had at 20 seconds.

If the client is preventing you from swapping before this mark, immediately inform the other team before 20 seconds.

Players may swap lanes. Only substitutes must have roles declared before the game/series begins. Teams do not have to notify opponents about lane swaps that do not concern substitutes.

New champions and reworked champions will be disabled for one competitive week upon their release.

Champions disabled in LCS will be disabled in BTL until their bugs are patched out.

Substitutes Guidelines:

Pull from the official sub pool first. Find the sub closest in skill to the player who will be absent. The council must approve any subs. The team subbing in a player will not have a vote. Must have 3 votes to approve sub.

If an official sub cannot be found then a player from a third-party team or outside of the sub pool may sub. Before resorting to this rule, teams must demonstrate evidence showing their attempts to recruit all official subs (of appropriate skill level or below).

Have a substitute ready at least 24 hours in advance:

  • If the opposing team is informed of a sub within 24 to 12 hours before the game, one first round ban will be taken.
  • 12 to 6 hours - two first round bans.
  • 6 to 0 all first round bans.
  • If a team does not have a sub at the scheduled start of the game, the team will automatically forfeit.

Teams must inform opposing teams the role and summoner name of any subs. If the sub plays a different role than informed, the opposing team may pause the game and the sub's team will forfeit.

Teams may sub a maximum of two members on their team in any given game. This maximum is down to one in playoff series.

The core team does not have to reveal their roles.

Emergencies will be handled on a case-by-case basis, with preference towards emergency sub. If a sub cannot be found by the scheduled game start time we will default to reschedule. To count as an emergency, players must attempt to make contact at their earliest possible opportunity. Council must rule that the situation constitutes an emergency. Emergency subs will follow the rules above and will warrant an extra ban granted to the victimized team.

New potential additions to the official sub list must be run through a League organizer (Bryan/Elena/etc). New additions will not be considered part of the official sub list until a week after submission.

All-Chat Guidelines:

We will penalize all-chatting in the window past 2 minutes in game and before 30 seconds until nexus explosion. You may all-chat during pauses for issues and must keep chatting issue-related. Things that are not okay to type include and are not limited to:

"Not even close bb"
"wow I suck"
"omg smite king"

For more context feel free to reach out. TL;DR: Don't be a dumbf*** and don't BM. Adjudicators will determine what is and isn't permissible.

Spectating Guidelines:

After the end of a game, both teams should not enter the spectators' Discord lobby until at least 3 minutes have passed to avoid spoilers for the game.

Spectators should not go into team Discord channels before, during, and after games unless given permission by the team in the chat. Exceptions may made by arbiters who must pass information or expedite the game process.

Both teams must use designated rooms in the Bubble Tea Discord server.

Streamers must be in lobby by schedule game start unless both teams have agreed to wait.

Spectators may not talk to or message players in or between games about strategy/play/etc.


If a player is not in lobby by game time, the team will lose one ban every 5 minutes up until 15 minutes, at which point they will forfeit.

If a player communicates they will be late by more than 15 minutes, their team will forfeit.

Rule will be enforced unless there has been prior notice.

Prior notice about lateness must be given 6 hours beforehand and given to the opposing team captain. Opposing captains must approve.


Use this: https://whenisgood.net/.

Availability info must be submitted via whenisgood by Thursday Midnight (PST) for the coming week to their team captains. Captains/proxies must have scheduled games by Friday Midnight (PST).

Games should be scheduled with a preference for Sunday and Monday nights.

Scheduling rule violations will result in a strike. Three strikes will result in deferred status for playing in future season(s).

NOTE: Times on whenisgood are times that are ACTUALLY 100% GOOD.

These rules apply to the regular season and playoffs.

Once a game is scheduled, put the game date/time in the Schedule and Standings tab and @here the BTL Discord channel.

If a captain can show they have attempted to schedule with the opposing team (chat logs screen shots) then their team will be exempt from any schedule related strikes.

Teams should pick a game day with the least amount of subs based on the whenisgood.

Playoffs (Bo3):

Games in a Bo3 series will be separated by 10 minutes from nexus explosion to the start of pick/ban.

All games must be played in one day back-to-back (unless there is absolutely no recourse).

Team must give side selection by the 3 minute marker after nexus explosion to a spectator (preferably a council member). The spectator will immediately give the opposing team their next side at the three minute mark.

Side select for 1st game goes to the higher seed in each team's first match. After that point, the team dropping later from the Winner's Bracket (or not at all) will get side selection for the 1st game.

Side select for 2nd game goes to the loser of game 1.

If both teams dropped at the same time (or not at all), seed will determine 1st game side select.

Side selection for games past the first will go to the team who lost the previous game.

Side selection must be given to the opposing team 24 hours before a series. A team will be defaulted to blue if side select isn't given in time.

No BM in all-chat during games or in lobby between BoX games. Teams violating this may have bans docked from the next game they play against the victimized team.


  • The 1st place team will receive 2,000 RP per player and a special Discord flair.
  • The 2nd place team will receive 1,000 RP per player.


Two-way Ties:

Tiebreakers at the end of the regular season will be broken first by H2H record. All scenarios below will occur if the H2H is 1-1.

If the two-way tie would be for 1st and 2nd place, a tiebreaker game will be played, with the team with faster cumulative victory times given side select.

If the two-way tie would be for 2nd and 3rd place, a tiebreaker game will be played, with the team with faster cumulative victory times given side select.

If any other two-way tie exists, the team with faster cumulative victory times will be declared the winner of the tie.

Three-way Ties:

Tiebreakers at the end of the regular season will be broken first by aggregate H2H record.

If only one team out of the three is 0-2 in aggregate H2H, they will be given the lowest seed. A two-way tiebreaker will declared among the 2 remaining teams.

If only one team out of the three is 2-0 in aggregate H2H, they will be given the highest seed. A two-way tiebreaker will declared among the 2 remaining teams.

If all teams are 1-1 in aggregate H2H, the team with the highest cumulative victory time will be given the lowest seed. A two-way tiebreaker will declared among the 2 remaining teams.


Game Records/Record Keeping:

Blue Side is responsible for snipping the pick/ban, placing the snip into the BTL chat, and linking it into the "Game Records" tab in the BTL doc.

Note from Nicholas: I'd like to eventually create an easy way to paste these links onto the BTL site so a Google Sheet isn't needed anymore. Give us some suggestions on how I can do this!

Red Side is responsible for making the pro-draft and distributing the pro-draft links.

The winning team will be responsible for snipping the end game screen, placing the snip into the BTL chat, and linking it into the 'Game Records' tab in the BTL doc. Remember to circle which team won before posting and make sure the game time is visible.

Note from Nicholas: Tournament codes will now be used. Riot Games will shoot over the game results and this site will automatically track / progress / records the season.

Use the Discord link to link any snips/screen shots in the doc.